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Do I need a prescription for therapy?

Physical Therapy services in the state of Illinois require a prescription from a doctor. Your doctor may fax your prescription to us directly at: 847-247-9533 or you may bring your prescription with you to your first appointment.

A prescription is not required for Nutrition services, unless specifically required by your insurance plan. Contact your insurance provider for coverage, script and claims requirements.

What kind of treatment do you provide?

You will experience hands-on, individualized, one-on-one treatment in an ethical, caring and nurturing environment.  You won’t be left alone to do exercises you could do at home.  Our practitioners are caring individuals with leading-edge expertise and they take a whole-body, holistic approach to healing.

The Initial Evaluation provides a collaborative opportunity for the patient to describe areas of pain, weakness, dysfunction, and desired progress goals, combined with a comprehensive assessment by our practitioner, to identify structural imbalances.  Our practice provides input for the patient to change their structure and function as indicated, and we support them in addressing the spiritual, emotional and nutritional aspects of their health.

What is the timeframe needed for my treatment?

Typical treatment timeframes span 30, 45, or 60 minutes, per your individual needs. Your first session will involve a detailed Initial Evaluation (see prior paragraph) and will take 1 hour.  During your initial evaluation your therapist will recommend an appropriate treatment schedule for you, based on the evaluation, your doctor’s prescription, and your individual needs and schedule.

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